Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers

5 Elements Yoga SChool

In this 40 Hr Course you will experience the creative tools of ayurveda to understand yourself better and balance your tendencies. Learn to apply principles of ayurveda to revolutionize your teachings and offerings. This is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of yoga’s ancient sister science to make you a more potent and sensitive teacher.

Although the course is geared towards teachers, it would be helpful for experienced yoga practioners (pending approval). For Certified Yoga Teacher, this course is applicable to the 5 Elements 300 Hour Teacher Training Program.

Course Curriculum

Our program honours the unique relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda and to facilitate their understanding of the following concepts with the goal of improving their lives and the lives of their students.

  • Sankhya Theory

  • The Gunas & 5 Elements and Attributes

  • Doshas and Sub-Doshas

  • The Major Herbs ofAyurvedic Herbalism

  • Daily Lifestyle Practices (Dinacharya i.e. Abhyanga)

  • Ayurvedic Cleansing

  • Tools for Lifelong Vitality

  • Ayurvedic Art of Eating, working with the 6 Tastes

  • Agni (Digestive Fire), Nutrition

  • 4 Led Practices

Training Dates

40 Hour Training Program

Explore your passion with a yoga teacher training format that fits your learning style and your lifestyle. 

Upcoming Training: Winter 2020

Begins January 24, 2020 | Friday 7-10, Saturday 9:30-6:30, Sunday 9:30-6:30

2 Weekends of Training: 40 Hr:

January 24-26 & Februray 21-23, 2020




Michelle Cormack

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Cameron Buy

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COurse Fees

Training Fee: $795 +HST

Deposit: $200 +HST

Tax Credit

5 Elements Teacher Training School is  Certified Private Educational Institute with the Government of Canada. We can provide students with T2202A certificates to claim education-related tax credits, such as the tuition tax credit. Students should check with their accountant or tax preparer for additional information.

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