5 Reasons to take Yoga Teacher Training (Even if you don't want to teach yoga)

You may want to know more about yoga or you just find the idea of yoga teacher training intriguing… but something has always stopped you.

Ok, we see you. You keep talking yourself out of it, saying you don’t really want to teach. You find all the reasons why it won’t work in your life right now. You say to yourself that teacher training is for those “advanced” yogi’s. You know the ones. The ones that are standing on anything but their feet and are so flexible they make you feel like the tin man.

And yet, you have memorized the contents of our yoga teacher training page on our website. You have half filled out a teacher training application 3 times now (or have filled it out and haven’t taken the next step!). And you LOVE yoga, you may not know why or how, but you do. You love it. If any of that rings true for you, it sounds like this might be something that you need to do.

So don’t let the negative talk stop you from stepping into something extraordinary. Yoga teacher training is not about being the perfect yogi. It’s about nurturing your passion and yourself. This is 200 hours of study, practice and transformation.

Need more? Here are 5 reasons Yoga Teacher Training might be for you (even if you don’t want to teach).

  1. Deepen your practice

    Ever left a yoga class and felt amazing? Yes (obviously!). Sometimes you don’t know why you feel so good, or how you could possibly recreate that feeling anywhere else. So you frequent your local yoga studio so that you can achieve that delightful combo of energized and calm that comes with any great yoga practice. Enter the yoga addiction.

    Teacher training is an opportunity to peak behind the curtain and learn all the secrets about why a yoga class makes us feel so good! You will learn asana (poses) from the inside out and experience them in new and interesting ways. Learn about yoga alignment, energetics, philosophy, modifications, sanskrit, hands-on adjustments, pranayama (breathing techniques) and so much more. You’ll leave having a better understanding of your own practice and get a better understanding on how to use the tools in your practice to serve your life.

  2. Broaden your understanding of Yoga

    Most yoga classes are 60-90 minutes max. There really is only so much you can explore in a traditional class setting. This is an opportunity to bust the door open to the wonderful and expansive thing we call yoga. You will get to take a deep dive into the subtleties of the practice, and delve into topics that you never even knew existed! Pranayama (breath work), bandhas (locks and holds), Yantras (geometric diagrams), chakras (Energy Centres), Yamas and Niyamas (yoga ethics), and so much more!

    When you step into your teacher training program you will realize that an asana class is the amazing and wonderful tip of a very large iceberg. And if that’s all you ever experience—you leave so much left to be discovered!

  3. Take time for Yourself

    Have you noticed that when you do something to nourish yourself, your relationships, career and family life thrive?

    Yoga teacher training is an investment in you, your health and your growth. Yoga is an opportunity to strip away all that is no longer serving you and start to define new ways of being and living that align with your most balanced and centered Self. Yoga Teacher training amplifies this core purpose of yoga. It goes deep so you can go deeper and emerge bigger, brighter and more balanced than before.

  4. Meaningful relationships with other Yogi’s in your community

    Ever talked to someone who has done their yoga teacher training? Have you ever balked at the fact that they call the people that they did training with their ‘yoga tribe’.

    Having done my yoga training before, I can attest that you may start out as strangers but these people will become your tribe. Your people. As you start to uncover yourself in safe and loving environment like Yoga Teacher Training, you become more capable to connect to others in meaningful ways. As a result you connect, support and become truly wonderful friends with those in your teacher training.

  5. Nurture your passion

    This is true of every passion in your life, not just yoga! Go out and learn everything there is to know to about everything that you are truly passionate about.

    Life is too short to ignore things you love, or push them off until ‘next year’. We all know that that which you don’t prioritize doesn’t get done. Make yourself, your passion and the life you want to live a priority.

    Whether it’s yoga teacher training or otherwise, go out and take the leap and watch life open up for you.

Written By: Natalie Mendes RYT 200


Natalie is the owner and registered yoga instructor (RYT200) at Kaulika Yoga & Pilates in Brampton Ontario. Kaulika Yoga & Pilates hosts many trainings, including Yoga Teacher Training offered by 5 Elements Yoga School.

Natalie  feels strongly that teaching is a way to connect with the community and share her joy and love for the practice. She sequences with intention and brings an element of play and exploration to her classes. Ultimately, her primary goal for her classes is to create a safe space for students to try new things and explore themselves.

She is so incredibly thankful to the teachers in her life for their love and guidance on and off the mat. And is equally grateful to her students for the energy they bring to the studio every time they practice. As a teacher, it brings her such joy to share in their yoga journey, and support them in any way she can.