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Cameron Buy

Cameron is a Registered Acupuncturist. His interest in traditional systems of health and wellness began in childhood when he acquired of a book on yoga that ignited a lifelong passion for exploring the human body. He attended Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine where he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Cameron is also a certified ParaYoga teacher, he has studied yoga and Ayurveda with numerous leading professionals and has taught yoga for 10 years. Cameron’s understanding of the complementary systems of India and China provide him with a unique perspective which he brings to his acupuncture practice.

An acupuncture treatment with Cameron may include cupping, gua sha, tuina (Chinese bodywork) and dietary therapy depending on the specific needs of the individual. Cameron enjoys applying traditional methodologies in creative ways to assist his clients in maintaining their health and wellbeing. He currently resides and practices acupuncture in Toronto, Ontario.

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