Miriana Simrpaga

RYT 200 E 

Miriana had been curious about yoga from a young age, but did not act on her curiosity until 2008. 

She quickly realized how passionate she was about yoga and it’s become an intrinsic part of her every day life. She completed her YTT in 2008 at 5 Elements in hopes to deepen her own practice and help others in discovering their own yogic journey.

She discovered Yin Yoga in 2009 and was intrigued by it’s lineage and healing elements drawn from the practice of Chinese Medicine.The quieter, slower pace brought a great balance to her yang practice, and life.

Though her own journey has just begun, each day bringing a new lesson, she believes her learning's come as much from her teacher's as they do from the people she teaches. Since the birth of her fourth child in 2008 she has become interested in teaching prenatal yoga. She believes one of the most yogic experiences a woman can have is through childbirth, helping inspire woman to realise, believe in and prepare their bodies for the best possible experience during pregnacy and childbirth. Miriana is currently working on her certification with DONA International. She is very thankful to all she has learned from her teachers and the practice and for the ongoing support she receives from her lifemate and her four amazing children. Their belief in her is her foundation.