We are more than a yoga studio

A place is only as good as the people who help create it.

Kaulika: Kaul.ika

The Energy that Binds a Community.

Our community is where it's at. We are honoured to welcome yogis of all ages, abilities, and experience levels in our studio in Brampton. Everyone brings their own energy to their practice, and it fills our studio with positivity, light and love. 

We are so grateful that you share your energy with us every day and help us create a space for you to connect, grow and awaken. 

Our Teachers


Help us create space for everyone.

Studio Etiquette

We're a Shoe Free Environment

We're barefoot on our mats and in our studio. Please make use of our shelving located at the front entrance.

Turn cell-phones off prior to coming into class

Nobody likes a ringing phone during svasana. Please be mindful of others in class, and ensure all electronics are turned off. 

Arrive On time for Class

We get that life happens, but part of yoga is the practice of discipline. We recommend arriving 15 minutes ahead of time for class to settle in. If you are late, 

Be Mindful of the Meditation

Ok, I know we just said don't be late. But, if it happens please wait for the meditation to finish before you enter the class.  

Payment must be made prior to the start of class.

Everything is an exchange of energy. Our teachers give a lot of their energy in their classes, and it's important that all payments for classes are made before class begins.


Our Community



Community Practices

Practice Ahimsa

Ahimsa means 'non-harming', practice that with yourself and others in our community. Our Team works to create a compassionate environment for all of it's community members. Be a part of that! Be kind with the words that you use, even those that you say to yourself. 

Be of Service

We aim to be of service to this community. 

Practice Asteya  

Asteya means non-stealing. We encourage everyone to be mindful of  the things that we hold dear, and be mindful of what we may be stealing from others in our actions and words. This includes property, time, energy, peace and joy. 

Challenge Yourself

Life happens outside of your comfort zone. Try something new, you might surprise yourself. 

Embrace the community

We believe that we are all both unique and interconnected. As such, we are accountable to how we contribute to our community with our thoughts, intentions, actions and words. 

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