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Balance in a Digital World

Find Balance in a Digital World, an intro to Digital Minimalism. Take control of your devices and shift from reactive device use to intentional device optimization.

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About this Event

Participate in this interactive workshop if you

  • experience stress often

  • don't have enough time

  • notice your attention span shortening

  • can't stay focused

  • have poor sleep

  • feel disconnected from your body

  • experience eye strain or repetitive strain injuries

  • are worried you spend too much time in front of a screen

In this 2 hour, introductory workshop you will

  • Learn about the latest research on device overuse

  • Have awareness on the current state of your relationship to devices

  • Make a personal case for digital minimalism

  • Activate your body-mind connection

  • Sense into the balanced future state

and gain the following Benefits

  • De-stress in a likeminded community

  • Take home an actionable list of tips and practices for finding digital balance

  • Be on the road to being a Digital Minimalist

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